About Belvedere Mountain Express

Belvedere Mountain Express is the musical project of Howard Goodman, a composer and keyboard player originally from southern England but now based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The latest incarnation of Belvedere Mountain Express consists of Howard on electronics and accordion, and Becky Rose Fisher on vocals.

I also collaborate from time to time with Lená Sings, from Essen, Germany.

In 2009 as part of a small side-project, the Edinburgh-based poet and blogger Juliet Wilson has added some spoken-word texts to some older Belvedere Mountain Express instrumental pieces.

The earlier incarnation of Belvedere Mountain Express featured Vicki Giblin on vocals/lyrics on about a quarter of the tracks, the remainder being instrumental. We released two full-length CDs, A Vow in the Blue Belltower in August 2003, and Through Sulph’rous Night in January 2005.

I am still open to offers of collaboration, though, especially with singer/lyricists who can work with my music.

We are on Bandcamp, Facebook and Soundcloud.